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How to get to Lesvos


There are direct charter flights from Holland, Belgium, UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Tsjechia.

Flights via Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodos, Crete and Izmir.


There are ferries via Athens, Kavala and Ayvalik.

Local transport


For years taxis have been a traditional way of transportation for local people and tourists on the island. Therefore they are still cheap to use. They can pick you up and bring you when and wherever you want. In the "bigger" villages there is at least one taxi or a taxi station. With the taxi stations it goes by turn of the taxi drivers. Don't be afraid to ask the taxi drivers for prices before you use the taxi. Most of the time there are standard prices for frequently used routes: these prices meet the prices of the taximeter. The taxis are yellow (Mitilini) and grey (rest of the island). On the door is mentioned from which village the taxi is coming from. A taxi from another town is not allowed to pick up people unless he has an appointment or if there is no taxi there at that moment. The taxi can offer you more than driving you from A to B. If you are afraid to drive yourself or you don't have a license and you want to see something else than the standard offered excursions or you want to do something by yourself instead of in a big group, you can always make your own excursion with a taxi. Make up the route and ask the taxi driver for the price. Be aware that the taxi driver can tell you some information about the island, villages etc. but he is never a guide!

For more information about taxis, see also the following site: Lesvos Taxi Service


Throughout the whole year there is a network of buses from Mitilini to the bigger villages of the island and likewise. During the summer season there is also a busline between Anaxos-Petra-Molivos-Eftalou. You can find the time tables at the bus stations or on below mentioned website. Be aware that the buses in the small villages do not run so frequently as in big cities. They only go a few times per day. Be well informed about the times before you get stranded.

KTEL: http://www.ktel-lesvou.gr/

Rental companies

You will find rental companies in Mitilini and in the more touristic places. You can rent bicycles, scooters, motors, quads, cars and minibuses. Be well informed about the conditions of rent and especially about the insurance:

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) means that you have insurance with an own risk of a certain amount in case you cause damage. This damage amount is depending of what kind of vehicle you rent and also with which company you rent.

FDW (Full Damage Waiver) means that you have insurance without an own risk.

With most rental companies the tires as well as underneath the cars are not insured. If you have a flat tyre, most petrol stations will fill up the puncture with a plug for a couple of euros (depending of the damage of the tyre).

An accident can always happen and therefore in case you are involved in an accident call always the rental company on the spot and ask what to do. 

On Lesvos you can park your car everywhere for free except in the area of the harbour of Mitilini. The parking tickets you can buy with the kiosks.